CD notes-“Intavolatura”

This CD emerged from the idea of bringing together some very different works by Kapsberger for solo theorbo, in order to present a more diverse overview of the German-Italian virtuoso performer and composer. The pieces of music are taken from books I, III and IV d’intavolatura di chitarrone, currently the only printed sources for theorbo by Kapsberger that are available to us.Book I was printed in Venice in 1604, III and IV in Rome in 1626 and 1640 respectively.
The Preludes, taken from Book IV, represent the most meditative and reflective elements of this collection. These clearly evidence the composer’s compositional freedom, and also his command of this idiomatic and experimental language.
I have decided to bring together different preludes from these in a way to form musical material that expresses a more personal taste, but is at the same time coherent with the practice of the time, demanding a freedom of execution when dealing with the compositions. In the final of the Prelude IX, I added a coda with elements taken from the final parts of Book III, following a more improvised style suggested by some of the inventive musical passages of Kapsberger himself.